Edward Alfano


Edward Alfano began his educational career majoring in biology. His graduate studies concentrated on plant anatomy and plant ultrastructure. As a result of his investigations with light and electron microscopes, his fascination with photography began and eventually led him to redirect his focus. Having completed his master’s degree he began his Ph.D. program and it was during his first year that he decided to devote all his attention to photography. His introduction to black and white infrared film during his studies was a major catalyst in this decision. It continues to this day to be his chosen medium as he is currently making digital scans from this film and outputs them as archival inkjet prints.

His work incorporates his knowledge and appreciation of plant morphology combined with the highly illuminative nature of infrared film. Alfano is also able to transform inanimate objects and manmade structures into more ethereal elements that are typically accented with flora that act as key elements. He describes his work as an attempt to “transcend the moment”. His images capture light and shadow as if they were the key to one’s understanding of the dialog.

Alfano joined the faculty at California State University, Northridge in 1989 after initially working as a commercial photographer, and has devoted his energy since 1999 to fine art photography along with his on-going passion for teaching. He exhibits his work nationally and internationally and is included in both university and private collections.